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OneCoin Croatian News – National Bank Warns then President No Show at OneCoin Event

OneCoin Croatia – Full News Update

With the President of Croatia scheduled to speak at a OneCoin sponsored event today, now a warning from the country’s leading monetary regulator.

Based on their site, the Croatian National Bank is the highest financial regulator in the nation. The specified objective of the bank is to ensure stability of Croatia’s monetary system.

On March 7th the Croatian National Bank issued an alerting to customers, advising them against OneCoin financial investment.

onecoin denied by croation national bank

Pointing out dangers associated with Ponzi plans, the Croatian National Bank cautions

What most fail to realize is that OneCoin is not electronic money within the meaning of the Electronic Money Act, nor does it provide a payment service within the meaning of the Payment System Act.

Business entities issuing this kind of item and trading in this item have actually not been authorized by the Croatian National Bank nor are their operations supervised by the Croatian National Bank;

The funds bought this item are not covered by deposit insurance coverage system and the individuals selecting this type of financial investment totally bear the threat of loss of the funds invested.

OneCoin Regulation Warnings

The bank goes on to cite extra regulatory warnings from “competent European Union countries”, including the UK, Belgium and Hungary.

Remembering the above-mentioned details, we advise people to work out a high degree of care when picking OneCoin item.

As mentioned at the start of this short article, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović is scheduled to speak at a Congress of South East European Women Business owners occasion today.

OneCoin are the general sponsor of the occasion, with OneCoin logos expected to be plastered all over the location for photo ops.

OneCoin Founder Ruja Ignatova was to speak at the event as part of OneCoin’s sponsorship. Following an internal investigation into Ignatova’s reliability however, Congress organizers dropped Ignatova from the event.

As shown by a stage check the other day, it is believed images of Grabar-Kitarović standing infront of the OneCoin logo will be used to further promote the Ponzi plan.

The other day the Congress of South East European Women Entrepreneurs held their annual event in the Croatian capital of Zagreb.

As part of a sponsorship agreement the Ministry of Economy, Service and Trade and Congress organizers, Croatian President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarović and Deputy Prime-Minister Martina Dalic were set up to speak at the occasion.

On the day of the occasion it was revealed Grabar-Kitarović and Dalic had cancelled their respective appearances.


In addition to the Croatian government, OneCoin was likewise a main sponsor of the event.

The Presidential Workplace’s decision to pull the President’s appearance was most likely affected by a financial investment warning released by the Croatian National Bank on March 7th.

Via press-release, the Croatian National Bank cautioned consumers that OneCoin was not licensed to run in Croatia, nor was the company controlled. The bank likewise pointed to numerous regulatory warnings from surrounding European nations.

When Croatian press queried the Presidential Workplace on the President Grabar-Kitarović (best) and Deputy Prime-Minister Dalic’s no-show, OneCoin was pointed out as the sole factor.

At the time we settled on sponsorship, we were not knowledgeable about the fact that OneCoin was the general sponsor of the Congress.

The moment we discovered the general sponsor and issues associated with OneCoin, Deputy Prime Minister Martina Dalić canceled their participation.

OneCoin – President Of Croatia

onecoin - croatian president no showPresident Grabar-Kitarović, who was arranged to speak at 9:50 am, likewise didn’t participate in. The Presidential Workplace also confirmed the sponsorship deal did not include financial support.

As far as I can inform the Congress event otherwise went on as prepared. Far there’s been radio silence on the Congress site and Facebook page.

OneCoin Creator Ruja Ignatova had at first been provided time to speak at the occasion in exchange for sponsorship, however following an internal examination Ignatova was dropped.

How much stolen Ponzi money OneCoin paid on the proviso Ignatova (right) would get to promote OneCoin on phase is unclear. It has actually considering that emerged that a group of OneCoin affiliates had prepared to host a recruitment booth at the event.

Regardless of efficiently prohibiting Ignatova from the occasion, it seems Congress organizers kept OneCoin’s sponsorship funds. This saw OneCoin’s logo design plainly displayed on the occasion stage, possibly producing a PR catastrophe for the Croatian Presidential Office.

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Mar 9th, 2017 at 6:28 pm (Q).

OneCoin – OZ

oz: As far as I can inform the Congress occasion otherwise went ahead as prepared. So far there’s been radio silence on the Congress site and Facebook page.
inning accordance with a post published by index.hr a few hours back, the head of the women’s congress, Croatia, provided a declaration protecting their approval of OneCoin sponsorship.

Sanela Dropulić of the females’s congress obviously specified [my interpretation of the google translated article] that though OneCoin was an alleged scam, absolutely nothing had actually been proved versus it, and their dealing with the congress had been legal and transparent. She mentioned that though the mayor of Zangreb, Croatia, had legal cases versus him, the congress had dealt with him too, and this resembled their approval of OneCoin sponsorship.

Well, somebody should ask Dropulic, that if she thought onecoin was ‘innocent till proven guilty’, why didn’t she permit ruja ignatova to speak at the occasion?
seem like a half baked cover up of an excuse to me!

Google equate from Croatian, Sanela Dropulic:

OneCoin at that time did not have any judgment on the credibility of all media labels, as neither now, nor most of the procedures that form part of the burden.
Appropriately have actually asked us why we believe the accusations that were not even in court, nor are they to blame the media crucified for ever legally guilty. For those who wish to keep law and legal postulates, enough.

Right away after that is the City of Zagreb we started the joint activities of preparing the Congress business owners in Southeast Europe. And this at a time when the Mayor Milan Bandic was and still remains in several claims. Does this mean that we were not enabled even with the City of Zagreb to comply?

This does not plan, nor more to discuss the function OneCoin in sponsorship which is totally transparent, both sides examined by a lawyer and as such is totally made with all arrangements of law and mutually concurred cooperation.

Media speculation and unjustified and unnecessary connecting our sponsors particularly the Congress President Kolinda Grabar Kitarovic and Deputy Prime Minister Martine Dalić absolutely unneeded, improper and with the aim of developing a scandal, where existing, “inning accordance with a statement signed by Sanela Dropulić, head of the Virtual entrepreneurial center.

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